Thursday, January 3, 2013

How many chemical elements are there as of now?

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Question by sarang: How many chemical elements are there as of now?
How many of them are metals and how many are non-metals? How many are metalloids and how many are radioactive? How many are natural and how many man-made?

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Answer by kumorifox
So far, there are 117 discovered elements, with 118 being the last (117 has not yet been observed). 91 are classed as metals, 7 are metalloids, and the remaining 19 are nonmetallic.

All elements from polonium onwards are radioactive, and evidence suggests that bismuth is as well. Two elements outside of this range are also radioactive. This number is 36 (37 if bismuth is included). All elements have radioactive isotopes, however.

23 are entirely synthetic, the remaining 94 are naturally occurring.

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