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How many outfits are necessary for a newborn baby?

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Question by : How many outfits are necessary for a newborn baby?
I already have the onesies and sleep and plays but I was wondering how many outfits were needed.

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Answer by Abi's Mommy
there is really no set number. It really depends on how much you go out and how much laundry you will want to be doing. I would say on average a baby goes through 2-4 outfits a day, not every day but just an average. Plus you need pajamas, regular outfits, and then fancier outfits if you go to alot of events.

Just remember that babies can be messy. They drool, milk spills onto them, they crap out their diapers, they pee through their diapers, they spit up, they throw up.

It sounds gross but it is one of the most magical things you will ever expierence. You sound like a first time mom. Congrats and good luck! =)

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