Thursday, January 3, 2013

How many people are playing dc universe?

what is the best answer to

Question by Aleksandar: How many people are playing dc universe?
how many people are playing this game and my other question is whats the best character for pvp? Im using circle fire handblasts? How is it?

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Answer by grandfather raven
lots and lots of people still playing. USPC servers are full every day. i hear PS3 has even more.

there's no "best" for pvp (otherwise everyone would be using it). in general, melee weapons are "better" in that they hit harder and aren't as easy to counter.

nothing wrong with handblasters, but if you just stay back and use ranged, you're going to get lunged-hardstunned-killed in short order. mix it up with lunges of your own, and remember to block occasionally. :)

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