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Adams Oshiomole's Wedding with Lara Fortes | thisRockMagazine

Adams Oshiomole's Wedding with Lara Fortes | thisRockMagazine

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Five Real Estate Expenses Burning a Hole in Your Pocket by Joshua Ferris

Five Real Estate Expenses Burning a Hole in Your Pocket   by Joshua Ferris

The real estate industry is one of the most profitable industries out there and the ones doing the profiting aren't always the agents. Real estate brokers and agents are continually bombarded with advertisements promising ways to make more money without having to lift a finger or brand yourself better.
Here's the thing: No amount of money is going to replace hard work and you won't have to feed the need for more expendable income if you cut down your costs and only pay for tools and services that give you a great ROI (return on investment).
Here are five products real estate agents/brokers buy that are a tremendous waste of money:
1) Magnetic Car Signs - I'm not sure who ever thought this was a good idea but putting your contact information on the outside of your car serves no useful purpose for two reasons.
First, if you're driving anywhere you will be doing between 30 - 55 mph and at that speed how many people do you think (realistically) will see your name, recognize that you are a real estate agent, contemplate using you for their real estate needs and then have the ability to write down your number or website address.
Even if you DID find someone who was interested in your service after seeing the sign what are you going to do if you see them following you for two miles in your rear view mirror? Probably try to evade them. Now they think you're a crazy driver and also don't have the last 2 digits of your phone number.
Which brings me to my second point: What if you cut someone off or somehow manage to upset someone on the road? Is putting your name, number and other personal info out there in the open really a good idea?
Magnetic car signs are a great idea for contractors, plumbers and similar service companies but you should save your $30 and use it for an Adwords campaign.
2) Third Party Website Vendors - I'm not writing off all real estate website vendors because I do think there are a handful of great website vendors like Real Estate Webmasters but for the most part you are going to overpay and receive a poorly designed, search engine unfriendly website.
In an upcoming series I will be showing you how to build your own real estate website for less than $500.
3) Lead Generation Websites - I've tried a few different lead generation websites and actually closed one home sale based on a lead I received but generally speaking you can spend the same $20-$40 that you would spend on each lead to promote your website via PPC (Pay Per Click) and still yield more qualified leads than what you would receive from a lead generation website.
Tip: If you don't want to get involved in search engine PPC (which can run hundreds of dollars a month if you're not careful) you may want to consider advertising on heavily trafficked real estate search engines utilizing an inexpensive advertisement subscription model.
4) Newsletter Services with Recycled/Generic Follow-Up Letters - I often receive unsolicited emails from trainers in my Keller Williams office that are generically written (pre-written) newsletters provided by the company they pay $X dollars a month to send them. I don't read them and the chances are your prospects don't read them either.
Instead, sit down and write (or pay someone to write) a custom list of newsletter emails that relate directly to your lead's needs. For example, say a lead inquires about active adult communities in your neighborhood that they'd like to see 12 months from now. By developing your own follow up email set for active adult buyers you are going to have a higher conversion ratio than you would with, say, a generic "Hi Mr. Buyer" and/or recipes email.
Tip: A great, inexpensive service to use for your email follow up with real estate leads is Aweber. It's used by leading businesspeople in many industries and you can take it for a free test drive by visiting the link above.
5) Recipe Cards and Unrelated Direct Mail Marketing Pieces - I'm all about branding oneself but branding yourself through marketing materials unrelated to your business is not smart branding. If you are going to do direct mail marketing consider what you are asking the recipient to do. Do you want them to bake cookies? Because that's what a recipe card mailer implies.
Keep your marketing focused by sending real estate market reports and buying/selling tips that will prove useful to your prospect should they need your services.
By holding your real estate expenses accountable you will begin to notice what efforts are generating the most business for you and what's just burning a hole in your pocket.

About the Author

Joshua Ferris is an associate real estate broker in Orange County NY and specializes in both Monroe New York andNewburgh New York real estate. Be sure to visit Josh's Monroe New York real estate guide and Orange County NY Real Estate website.

Real Estate Investment Guide

Have you ever wondered what makes some real estate agents succeed where others fail? Remember that doubling your income is all about doubling your business development efforts. If you are serious about doubling your income within the next six months, you must learn how to turn your time and energy into a profit. Once you decide you really want to double your income, don't let anyone or anything stop you from earning it. Marketing yourself as a real estate agent is most crucial to your success. Yet the average agent won't put the time and effort into effective marketing tactics to connect with their clients. Many agents waste a lot of time educating each and every client on the transaction process, answering common questions and giving listing presentations.
You need to be effective and proactive in your approach with all your clients. Why not provide all your clients with a package of information that educates them on the transaction process and the answers to most of their questions about you and your company. Top agents do this and use what is called a Pre-Listing Package. The Pre-Listing Package is the most powerful and important impression you can make on a buyer or seller. The goal of package is to establish credibility and show the prospective client that you are competent, organized and professional before ever meeting with them. Imagine that you just set an appointment with a motivated seller and when you arrive at their home, they already have the listing contract signed! This is not uncommon with real estate professionals that use Pre-Listing Package because they have an advantage and edge over other agents.
You don't have to imagine this if you send a package to all prospects a few days before each and every appointment. This package introduces you and your company and explains to prospective clients how you are best qualified for all their real estate needs. Using a package definitely separates you from the competition. The package establishes rapport and can guarantee listings every time. There is a big difference between real estate agents and real estate professionals. The Pre-Listing Package is that difference, and is a must for all real estate agents.

Real Estate Expectation
Real Estate Expectations from Budget 2014 by New Government: Gaurav Gupta, Director, SG Estates Ltd.
The political stability is reviving sentiments among buyers and corporate & indicating towards the immense opportunities offered by the Indian market. To maintain the positive sentiment & to make it an interesting proposition for buyers, investors and developers; government must take necessary and long pending steps to give the required boost to sector to start the momentum towards growth and its consequent multiplier effect on economy.
Some of the important expectations of the industry from the government are as under:
1. Increase in limit on interest deduction under section 24 from Rs.150000=00 to Rs.300000=00 to account for the increased rate of interest and inflation.
2. Grant subsidy on interest on loans upto 25 lacs with maximum value of unit being 40 lacs.
3. Single Window Clearance system with immediate implementation of master clearance for height from AAI.
4. Ceiling on applicability of Environmental clearance to increase from current limit.
5. Reintroduction of section 80IB to promote affordable housing to enable government to achieve its target of housing for all by 2022.
6. Take on steps to reduce interest rates to moderate levels of 8-9%
7. Infrastructure status for affordable housing projects, key benefits of which will include ability of insurance companies and other long term loans providers to lend to affordable housing projects and also make investment in the sector.
8. Government to allocate more funds from Skill Development Fund for construction workers and allied skills. Skills deficit is a big challenge for the industry today.
9. Allocate more resources towards development of Housing.
In addition to the above steps, government must define its long term outlook towards the real estate sector in terms of policymaking, taxation and incentives for the sector.
The practical problems in the Land Acquisition act must be addressed and Real Estate Regulatory bill must be introduced with requisite changes to make the industry more transparent and accountable along with making the approving authorities accountable for delays.
SG Estates is developing number of Group Housing Projects in Vasundhara, Raj Nagar Extn. and Govindpuram in Delhi NCR. Company has ready to move/nearing possession units/ apartments in SG Indigo Tower, SG Impressions Plus in Raj Nagar Extn., SG Homes in Vasundhara and under construction apartments in SG Grand in Raj Nagar Extn., SG Benefit in Govindpuram.
New Group Housing SG Oasis is launched in Vasundhara. Construction of SG Oasis is expected to commence soon.

About the Author

SG Estates LTD. is marked by its construction of state-of-the-art buildings that reflect its engineering excellence and prowess. Every project of SG Estates is, thus, designed to maximize customer satisfaction and hence, the demand for the company's products in the market.

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Nikola Tesla: Great Minds

Nikola Tesla: Great Minds
Hank brings us the tale of the bizarre and eccentric genius with the crazy eyes who spent his life increasing awesome wherever he went, and contributed in some way to pretty much every cool invention you can think of. Nikola Tesla spoke eight languages and, at the time of his death, held over 700 patents and was being investigated by the US government for claiming to have invented a 60 million volt death ray. Tesla was an undisputed genius, and SciShow gold. Like SciShow! Follow SciShow References: This video uses the following sounds from "Tesla ascending-m.wav" by Rmutt scishow, nikola tesla, great minds, science, croatia, priest, engineer, new york, thomas edison, direct current, alternating current, power station, electricity, incandescent lightbulb, induction motor, invention, inventor, patent, george westinghouse, wireless, tesla coil, electronics, radio signals, transmit, receive, marconi, telegraphy, genius, america, remote control, energy, schematics, MIT, power plant, JP Morgan, wordenclyffe tower, long island sound, telegraph, stock market crash, nervous breakdown, pigeon, extra terrestrials, death beam, military, project nick
This is a video of Nikola Tesla: Great Minds
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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