Saturday, May 31, 2008

Importance of Networking Computers

A computer network is a connection of two or more computers through a cable or wireless connection. Computer network enable computer users to share hardware, resources and information. Aside sharing information, the computer network enables users to share internet access.

The importance of networking two or more computers can not be overemphasized. Networking in computer is unavoidable. We need networks in most things we do in life.

I wonder what the world of computer will be without computer networks. In computing, networking is a way of connecting two or more computers together. When you network computers together, the computers can share information and resources with one another. Networking is a very vital and delicate area in computing. We can not really quantify the importance of networking two or more PC.

Computer network is very important for every business, no matter how small a business may be. Computer network helps in sharing resources. With computer network, so many computers can share one printer, scanner and some other hardware, which might be expensive for a company to acquire for every computer user.

It is quite obvious that computer network helps to save cost for an organization. Instead of buying all hardware for each computer, one can just share one via the computer network

In addition to this, let us just think of additional space that will be occupied by providing printers or scanners for each of the computers in an organization. Networking two or more computer not only saves money but also saves space. This in addition makes the user's environment friendly.

Do we ignore the communication aspect? No! Networking enhances effective communication among members of an organization or a company. With appropriate software, each computer user can communicate with other members or staff of an organization or company.

In addition to this, Computer network gives users the opportunity to use remote programs and remote databases either of the same organization or from other enterprises or public sources. The importance of having a computer networks are really numerous. Thus, it is a necessity for every organization or company. It makes effective communication possible and helps to eliminate unnecessary waste of time and duplication or resources.

One can imagine the amount of time that will be wasted if members of an organization will have to move to a particular computer to print a document. Can you appreciative the amount that would be spent if the entire computer in an organization is to have its own printer? That's quite enormous!

In summary, computer networks will help every organization to - reduce cost by sharing hardware and software resources; reduce cost; and increase flexibility and efficiency of any given organization.

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