Monday, October 17, 2011

Pulex Irritans Definition, Pulex Irritans Treatment and Symptoms (Synonym: Common Flea.)

Pulex Irritans.

(Synonym: Common Flea.)

Describe the cutaneous disturbance produced by the pulex irritans.
The cutaneous disturbance produced by pulex irrtans consists of an erythematous spot with a minute central hemorrhagic point. In irritable skin, a wheal-like lesion may result.

Pulex Irritans Treatment

Treatment for pulex irritans consists of applications of camphor or ammonia-water; carbolic acid and thymol lotions are also useful.

Host spectrum for  Pulex Irritans
Humans, canids, felids, pigs, badgers, and rats may all become infested.

Geographic distribution of  Pulex Irritans
 Pulex irritans is found worldwide.

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