Tuesday, October 18, 2011

www.2go.com - 2go Nigeria and Nigeria Girls and Guys

I begin to wonder why we are crazing for 2go in Nigeria
It is now I agree with my fellow nairaland members that Nigeria Girls are not most morally sound despite their chuchism.

One thing we should all know is that going to church does not make one a Christian.

Below are peoples opinion about 2go Nigeria and Nigeria Girls

"Not until you chat on 2go will not know how promiscous Nigerian girls can be. because they cant see you at the moment, just tell them som sweet tins you see them snaping their private part and sending to you. wots this life turning to? who introduced 2go? i chat wit these naija girls anytime am less busy, i will start in a responsible, as time goes on, i change topic (Sex) b4 for you say jack robbinson, they start sending dirty Kitty and flat bosom of theirs. I chat with them from UK." – Charges

But is this just peculiar to Nigeria Girls?  What about Nigeria Guys and 2go.  I guess the guys are not all saints.  They must be accomplice in the 2go decadence in Nigeria
So what do you think of 2go Nigeria social network at the moment?

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