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How can I Get a Tan - Top Tips, Questions and Answers on Getting a outdoor and indoor tanning

How can I Get a Tan - Top Tips, Questions and Answers on Getting a Tan

Tips on indoor tanning

Many people ask a number of questions on how to get a tan. Here is a list of issues we have identified and which may meet one of your questions about indoor tanning or tanning in general.

Indoor tanning is dangerous?

What is dangerous, it is the excess. The English and French standards regarding indoor tanning are among the strictest in Europe.

Follow the advice given to you on this particular page and do not abuse sessions.

I take medication, then I do sessions UV  ?

It is not advisable to expose yourself to UV radiation for taking medications  increase sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation, Avoid  antibiotics, sedatives, antidepressants, topical antiseptics. If in doubt, consult a doctor.

Can I keep my makeup for my tanning session in the cabin?

Before a tanning session, remember to remove makeup: UV rays can trigger allergic reactions.

Should I wear glasses  in my UV tanning sessions?

The UV protective eyewear for tanning are mandatory cabin: in fact, they prevent burning of the cornea, conjunctivitis or cataracts.

I go on holiday in the sun, Is it Good ?

It is necessary to prepare your skin before further sun exposure. If you have fair skin and prone to sunburn, do not hesitate to  do a few sessions of indoor tanning to prepare your skin for an upcoming exhibition. However, this does not exempt you from wearing sunscreen.

I was exposed to the sun today, then I do a session in the cabin?

It is not advisable to do a session in a cabin on the same day you took the sun to avoid getting too much UV rays. Keep a time of 48 hours between exposures.

I'm getting married soon and wants to make tanning before my wedding, how many session should I do?

To get a tanned for her wedding or other event, it takes on average between 6 and 10 sessions because according to your skin type, the sessions start with 5 or 7 minutes, then 10 etc.. Prepare your skin about 4 weeks before the event and get a beautiful complexion that one will envy.

You should check out your local drugstore or grocery store, they have SOO many tanning lotions and oils! You could get a gradual indoor tanning lotion, but I've heard those produce a less-natural looking tan (that's just what i have heard) and they can stain clothes, but i don't think they make you break out. If you are willing to be out in the sun for thirty minutes or longer each day for a natural looking tan, then you could get a tanning oil - they have SPF in them, which prevents you from getting burned and makes you tan more! Since you burn easily, you would probably want a tanning oil with a large amount of SPF in it, such as 8, 15, or higher. And it will not break you out at all!

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