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Framerate in games acting funny?

Question by drwrir: Framerate in games acting funny?
Ok, first I'll post the specs to my pc.

HP a6700y (my model)
amd 1.8ghz quad core phenom
4gb ram
500gb hd
650w power supply
galaxy geforce 9800gt 512mb ddr3

Here's my issue. I play this game, Americas Army. It's a first person shooter and there's a new version out (3). I played 2 and with my onboard graphics I got around 30fps. This is why I decided to buy a gpu. I knew when 3 released my pc wouldn't be able to hang with it. Well, bought and installed the psu and gpu. Only owned for 3 days. My framerate increased, but after about a day I noticed that it spikes a lot. It will go from 30-60fps (in either version) and I've read that people get 100fps on COD 4 with this graphics card. Both of these games run off the unreal engine, the newest running off of the unreal 3 engine. I know that COD4 is more graphically weighted if you will than both of these games. So I was wondering if this could be something wrong with the graphics card or possibly something else. I've used the newest drivers, and still no progress. I've closed up backround tasks to free up ram, still no increase. I've already had Galaxy send me the RMA form via email just in case it's broken or malfunctioning. The reason this started is my buddy (clan member) bought a pny 9800gt and he told me the specs on mine look better but he is getting a better frame rate. I even added an extra case fan to my pc just to keep it that much cooler (although it never reaches above 59 degrees celcius without it). When I was playing earlier someone mentioned they had the same issue with theirs (9800gt)and said they bought a new processor and the fps went from 3-30 to never dropping below 90 on Americas Army 2. So I considered that the cpu could be bottlenecking my system. I know it's not the fastest, but for AA3 the recommended is a dual or quad 2.4 . Well I called HP and tried to get the processors capable of going in my mobo. It's an AM2+ socket, but they told me that the wattage of the cpu doesn't matter, as long as it's AM2+ socket type. Now on their web support site it says the board can handle this....I'll post a link.


So I'm not sure to go from what they say or the site, but here's a processor that I've been looking at.....


So I basically have a few questions to sum this up....
1. Could there be anything that I missed that's lowering my fps in game?
2. Could the processor be what's lowering the fps in game as I was told earlier today?
3. Does the wattage really matter for the motherboard if the sockets match up when it comes to processors? (I question how it can hold a phenom up to 95w, but only an Athlon X2 up to 89w)
4. If you were in this situation what would you do, because I don't wanna be without a graphics card for a month or so if I don't have to?

I pretty much think that's it, I appreciate you all reading this, I'm just tired of the headaches with this, and instead of bashing my skull numerous times into the wall trying to figure this out, I've decided to swallow my pride and ask for help. HPs support sucks ass, and I don't really know where else to turn. I'm almost to the point of selling my blood to buy a new mobo too so I won't have to dial that damn HP number again. If you know of any good processors in the instance that I can't use the one listed above, feel free to link them or name em and I'll do the shopping on my own. Thanks again.

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Answer by Cid
Power supplies matter, but I don't think that's your problem here; usually if your power supply doesn't have the wattage, it just won't start up your computer.
More likely it's something inane like your virus scan ticking on and starting a background scan without you noticing it. Or a corrupted file that your computer keeps trying over and over again to make work; there could be a leaf that's trying to render infinitely long 3 miles to the east of your character that's making everything chug. Reinstalls usually fix that.

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