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How many landfills are in the state of Georgia?

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Question by Dominic II: How many landfills are in the state of Georgia?
I have a Math project and my Math teacher is all out for Earth Day. We have to do all sorts of stuff for this essay-ish type thingy and she's asked a ton of questions that I cannot find the answer to. So my questions to you are: How many landfills are in the state of Georgia, how many are located in Middle Georgia, and how many landfills are in Baldwin County. It's okay, I suppose, if you can't find the third one (Baldwin County). I know there is or was one. It might have shut down.


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Answer by Homer
There are different types of landfills. Two types include hazardous waste landfills, and solid waste landfills (aka municipal solid waste landfills). Others include chemical waste landfills (for PCBs, asbestos, etc.), C&D (construction and demolition debris) landfills, etc.

You can search for the hazardous waste landfills using epa's envirofacts database query system:

For municipal landfills, one source I found said there were 159 in the state.
More details at:

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