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How many Muslims were killed in the Spanish inquisition?

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Question by Tausif: How many Muslims were killed in the Spanish inquisition?
I no many jews were killed or forced to convert, but how many Muslims were killed and torchered?

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Answer by Ravie S
In 1609, The king of Spain passed a decree expelling all Muslims and Muslim converts to Christianity from Spain, on pain of death. The Inquisition persecuted Christian converts who were suspected to be practicing Islam, but they were not persecuted as rigorously as suspected crypto-Jews and Protestants, because Spain didn't want to endanger it's trading empire too much. Probably hundreds were killed over the centuries, but that's just my personal speculation.

You have to remember though, that in the Spanish Inquisition, only people who claimed to be Christians but were suspected of secretly being Jews, Heretics, or Muslims were persecuted. Openly Muslim people were simply banned from the kingdom for most of the time, or else forced to convert or be exiled.

Wikipedia quotes some historian as saying that between 1612 and 1700, cases against Moriscoes (converts from Islam) made up 9% of Inquisition cases.

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