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How many outfits should be in a fashion line?

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by El_Sol

Question by iMia: How many outfits should be in a fashion line?
For a project for design school we have to create a whole line, and i'm not sure how many outfits i should put together. how many is appropriate?

and how can you learn how to sew?

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Answer by loveee
ABOUT 15 peices MINIMUM for beginers =] make sure everything flows together well for example a purse from one outfit would also look good next to another top nd such . then hav 1 standout outfit but make sure it goes good with everythin else also . as for sewing it depends how much time u have 2 spend but if u have a good amount of time i recomend tht u take sewing classes or since you said ur in a design school ask a friend for help! for certain pieces use ur judgement if u should hand sew. hope i could help!

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