Friday, January 11, 2013

Super Cow on Steroids?

Super Cow on Steroids?
Super Cow on Steroids? The Barry Bonds of Bulls? The gigantic super cows are massive and full of muscle like advanced body builders. You've heard the expression, everything is bigger in Texas, well that isn't true in the small country of Belgium. These Super Cows or better known as The Belgian Blue Bulls are genetically mated cows that scientist farmers have been working on for years. Using natural selection, they are able to artificially inseminate cows with scientifically selected sperm from the strongest bulls. No steroids here. Each generation of new cows become bigger and stronger with double muscle mass for leaner and better beef. this leaves me wondering 2 things, but first I put some links to a national geographic video and some other articles I've read on these super cows if you want to check 'em out. How much healthier is this super cow meat vs regular cows and does it actually taste better? I would think it would make a REALLY TOUGH STEAK... no phun intended. Belgian Blue Cattle -- Super Cow Aka Incredible Hulk Cow Meet the Super Cow - National Geographic Video Worlds Largest Cows Sound effects obtained from Royalty Free Music obtained from http
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