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The graphics are terrible what can I do?

Question by Seán: The graphics are terrible what can I do?
I have just downloaded rugby 08 on my pc and the game loads up fine. But when I actually play games the graphics go really jumpy and whenever there are like screenshots of people lining up for line-outs or kickers placing the ball the screen just freezes then partially stays so i only have half a screen of actual gameplay? is there any way i can improve the graphics and performance?

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Answer by Apollyon
Go to options, graphics and water them down to lower settings. In-game graphics often require you to lower things like screen resolution, shadows, or disable some effects. Star Wars: Battlefront was unplayable on my PC unless I disabled shadows with my old gpu.

Speaking of, your graphics card may be a little dated too. What kind do you have? An older model may explain the artifacting when people line up or kick the ball.

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