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What system specifications do modern gamers need?

Question by Mechanicarts: What system specifications do modern gamers need?
I am thinking of upgrading my system. I currently have 512m RAM and 256M Graphics. Now I think of buying another 1G RAM and another 512M Graphics. Are these ok for modern games? +what do I have to look at before buying? Motherboard slots? Energy consumption? What?

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Answer by Robert G
Your ? really depends on the type of games you want to play and how well you want them to run. Basically a system with at least 2.6ghz cpu, 2gb ram, 256mb video card can run ANY game that exists today. But most FPS and MMO's cannot be played on there highest setting without hitting somewhere around a 1gb video card and 4gb of ram.

As for what to look for you will need to know the available slots on your mobo (type and how many) also the maximum values u can have for ram,graphics. And finally your power supply's totally wattage. Most off the rack pc's cannot handle substantial upgrading due to lousy power supply's from the factory.

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